Best Bose TV Soundbar 2023: The Complete Guide

Bose tv soundbar is one of the most significant upgrades you can make to your home movie system, and it will leave your television’s built-in speakers in the dust. 

I found Dolby Atmos, adaptive spatial calibration, and wireless multi-device connectivity are some of the cutting-edge features available on the Bose tv soundbar. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your television’s sound or want to add an immersive media-listening experience to your area, these soundbars will meet the needs of every audiophile. 

Here is a list of the best Bose TV soundbars you can buy today. 

I have researched and found the best possible offering for people looking to buy Bose TV Soundbar in 2022.

How I chose the best Bose TV Soundbar 

I considered numerous Bose tv soundbar to create this list and analyzed various factors. I looked at connectivity, versatility, and audibility (particularly dialogue clarity). USB ports, HDMI ARC or eARC support, optical audio inputs, and some level of wireless compatibility are just some critical features of many modern soundbars. I examined expert reviews and online user comments to select the best Bose soundbars from a renowned company. 

What Are The Best Bose Soundbars?


You need to consider many factors while choosing a suitable Bose tv soundbar.


No matter their size, Bose soundbars are always smaller than traditional home theater systems. I’ve included small soundbars to fit in any entertainment center. 

Stereo Vs. Surround Sound: 

Our Bose soundbars are ideal if you want to set up a surround 2.0 or 2.1 (stereo) or 5.1 (surround sound) audio system. Surround sound is more immersive, but it requires plugging in extra speakers, which takes up more space.

The stereo soundbars I recommend can be upgraded with more speakers to create a surround sound setup. You may also upgrade your home theatre over time if you move to a location with more space. 


All soundbars have ports (also known as inputs) that enable you to link them to your TV. HDMI and Optical ports are among the most widespread ports found on soundbars, and they are present on all TVs produced in the last ten years. 

Smart home integration: 

Bose has collaborated with Amazon and Google to build intelligent assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant) directly into their soundbars in some cases.

These soundbars allow you to control accessories such as smart lightbulbs, so you can adjust the mood lighting in your home theatre environment to enhance your movie or gaming experience. 

Bluetooth support: 

Even though your Bose tv soundbar is always hardwired to your TV, many options on this list support Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth, you can connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the soundbar and play music for yourself or guests in a living room or common area, which is nice if your home theatre setup is in a living room or common area. 

Points to consider while buying a Bose soundbar

What size is your television?


A soundbar can enhance the existing sound of your TV without consuming much more space than the slim flatscreen. The width of Bose soundbars directly correlates to their price and overall performance. It’s not as important if your TV is wall-mounted. If you have a table-top stand, measure the space beneath the TV and cross-check the width of the soundbar to ensure it fits. 

You can get an idea of the soundbar’s width by comparing the Bose Smart Soundbar 300, with a width of 26.6 inches, to the Bose Smart Soundbar 500, with a width of 31.5 inches, to the Bose Smart Soundbar 700, with a width of 38.5 inches, to the Bose TV Soundbar 900, with a width of 41.14 inches, and the Bose TV Speaker, which is 23.38 inches wide. The Bose Solo 5 is 21.5 inches wide. 

Do you require a subwoofer or satellite speakers?


Soundbars have a small footprint but cannot achieve a significant volume, frequency range, or stereo spread on their own. The Bose Bass Module 700 can increase the audio depth and cinematic realism by providing important sub-bass information.

At the same time, the Bose Satellite Speakers 700 can boost dimensionality and immersion by adding more components. Bose subwoofers and satellite speakers can be paired with any soundbar thanks to their wireless compatibility, and no cable runs are required. 

Do you need Dolby Atmos?


Atmos alters the fundamental approach to how sound systems’  place’ sound. Instead of putting sounds on channels, Atmos-enabled systems’ place’ well over 100 sounds as ‘objects’ that can be precisely directed in an audio bubble. It is a cutting-edge surround sound technology that gives a more cinematic, immersive audio experience. 

Because Dolby Atmos is provided by the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 (the only product in the line currently offering Atmos virtualization), overhead sounds can be simulated. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 includes Bose’s proprietary TrueSpace analysis, which converts non-Atmos audio into virtual surround sound as a bonus. 

Do you use AirPlay or Chromecast?


All of Bose’s soundbars are AirPlay- and Chromecast-enabled, but the Bose TV Speaker and Bose Solo 5 are not. Bluetooth is included on both devices, but you won’t be able to access the higher-quality audio streaming that AirPlay and Chromecast provide. 

Comparison of Best Bose TV Soundbar








Bose TV Speaker

2.0 (stereo)

23.38 inches

HDMI ARC, Optical, Bluetooth


4.6 / 5

Bose Smart Soundbar 300


26.58 inches

HDMI, Optical, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


4.4 / 5

Bose Smart Soundbar 900


41.14 inches

HDMI eARC, Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


4.3 / 5

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Bass Module 700
5.0.2 (soundbar) 5.1.2 (soundbar + subwoofer)

41.14 inches (soundbar) 11.6 inches (subwoofer)

HDMI eARC, Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (soundbar)


4.5 / 5

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Bose Surround Speakers 700

5.0.2 (soundbar)
5.0.4 (soundbar + satellites)

41.14 inches (soundbar) 
1.84 inches (surround speaker)

HDMI eARC, Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (soundbar)


4.3 / 5

Let us explore each of the listed Bose TV soundbars.

Best Bose TV Soundbar Reviews

Here are some of the best Bose soundbars to buy, with a variety of options depending on your budget and audio preferences:


Bose TV Speaker


Best soundbar with excellent audio experience


  • 23.38 inches width
  • 2.0 (stereo) channels
  • HDMI ARC, Optical, Bluetooth connectivity


The Bose TV Speaker is a great companion soundbar for small TVs and confined spaces, thanks to its simplified feature set and excellent expandability. 



  • Easily expandable with Bose bass modules
  • Can be easily set up
  • Availability of enhanced dialogue clarity at the touch of a button
  • Smart assistant integration is unavailable
  • Wireless expandability is not available
  • Doesn’t have to surround sound capability

The Bose TV Speaker delivers dialogue enhancement and good midrange detail in a tiny 23-inch smart speaker that’s quick and simple to set up. The fundamental appeal of a soundbar is that it provides improved volume and clarity in a small amount of space, and the Bose TV Speaker is an excellent example of that. 

No smartphone app is required to set up this streamlined smart speaker, including HDMI ARC, optical audio inputs, and Bluetooth to play music wirelessly. It also consists of a tiny remote control that grants one-touch access to a “dialogue mode” to emphasize speech. 

Due to its small size, the Bose TV Speaker does not produce a significant low-midrange and low-end response when operating as a single device. The listening experience can be improved by pairing it with the Bose Bass Module 700, a separate product that produces a more immersive home theatre sound. 

Its small footprint comes at the expense of more advanced features such as Dolby Atmos, virtual assistant integration, and wireless expansion, so there is a bit of a trade-off. However, a modern flatscreen television’s built-in speakers offer much better sound for a reasonable price. 


Bose Smart Soundbar 300


Top soundbar with in-built Alexa Voice Control


  • 3.0 channels
  • 26.58 inches width
  • HDMI, Optical, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity


The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is the least expensive way to enter the Bose tv soundbar community. 



  • Great for dialogue enhancement
  • Amazing sound experience
  • Wireless support for streaming
  • Doesn’t offer EQ, Dolby Atmos 
  • Doesn’t have extended lows and surrounding support

The Bose Soundbar 300 is excellent for enhancing your entertainment system without going all-out. It has five drivers and provides left/center/proper and surround channels. The Bose Bass Module 700 and Bose Surround Speakers 700 are required to connect the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 to expand it to a 5.1 surround system. 

You receive the same Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Voice for Video controls as AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect over Wi-Fi. It’s half the price of the 900 but offers half the features. You get a V-shaped stereo sound that’s perfect for rock, pop, and gives movies a bit of oomph (although you won’t get a rumble unless you purchase a subwoofer). 

If you want to enhance your entertainment center’s volume and dialogue clarity without spending much money, the Bose Solo 5 is the least costly ‘soundbar’ you can find regarding Bose quality. It’s smaller than the Bose TV Speaker, with a simple 2.0-channel setup emphasizing streamlined and straightforward listening. 

The Bose Solo 5 does not have HDMI or Wi-Fi connectivity like many mid-to-high-end soundbars. Still, it does have Bluetooth functionality to allow users to stream audio from their devices wirelessly. 

The dialogue mode can be turned on using the universal remote to enhance the mid-range response. The range, however, lacks the frequency response and expandability of the Bose tv soundbar range, sitting well below the Soundbar 300.  


Bose Smart Soundbar 900


The most immersive Bose soundbar


  • 5.0.2 channels
  • 41.14 inches width
  • HDMI eARC, Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity


The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is a Dolby Atmos-equipped, voice-assisted, wireless-streaming soundbar that delivers a lot of performance in a small, stylish package. 



  • Comes up with Dolby Atmos audio and extensive wireless connectivity
  • Offers strong drivers
  • This soundbar is a remote control
  • Its ADAPTiQ room calibration gives high audio clarity
  • Worth the money
  • You will need a smartphone app to access all the functions
  • Price gets added up on adding surround modules or subwoofer

The Smart Soundbar 900 is the most pleasing Bose tv soundbar, with the excellent build quality, upgradeability, connectivity, and sound quality. The Dolby Atmos surround sound, which includes up-firing speakers and PhaseGuide technology, is a part of the 2.3-inch-tall Smart Soundbar 900. 

There is a lot of technology inside the glass-paneled case, including Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi (AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect), in addition to ADAPTiQ room calibration and Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound. The soundstage is broad and detailed, and Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and high-resolution 24-bit/192 kHz are all supported. Even non-Atmos sound is converted into an extra level of dimensionality using Bose’s proprietary TrueSpace analysis.

An HDMI eARC (embedded audio return channel) connection is required to connect the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker to your television. The Bose Surround Speakers 700 and Bose Bass Module 700 add depth and immersion to your home theatre experience using wireless technology. If you have the Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700, you can connect them quickly to the soundbar to watch something without disturbing anyone. 

The Smart Soundbar 900, one of Bose’s best soundbars, is a bit pricier than other choices (especially if you want Bose’s satellite speakers and subwoofer, which must be purchased individually). Since the Smart Soundbar 900 is one of Bose’s most pleasing soundbars, it is a bit more costly than other options (especially if you want to purchase Bose’s satellite speakers and subwoofer, which must be purchased separately). 

Consumers must also download Bose’s smartphone app to set up the Smart Soundbar 900 and access its more advanced features, which may be a little inconvenient for consumers who are not as technologically savvy. While the Smart Soundbar 900 provides outstanding midrange frequency response and exceptional dialogue clarity, it may be worthwhile to include a subwoofer if you want to get the most out of a cinematic-like low-end. 


Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Bass Module 700


Soundbar with fantastic quality and soundstage


  • 5.0.2 channel (soundbar), 5.1.2 channel (soundbar + subwoofer)
  • 41.14 inches width (soundbar) and 11.6 inches width (subwoofer) 
  • HDMI eARC, Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (soundbar) connectivity


The Bose Bass Module 700 is an excellent choice to enhance your Bose tv soundbar with thunderous sub-bass. It includes a powerful 10-inch driver, wireless connectivity, and a compact footprint. 



  • It is compatible with many Bose soundbars
  • Provides immersive bass response in a small footprint
  • Voices are crisp and clear
  • Expensive
  • Need a smartphone app for control over bass volume

The Bose Bass Module 700 soundbar, which is sold as a separate component from the Smart Soundbar 900 (see more details above), is a soundbar and subwoofer combination made by Bose to deliver one of the best soundbars on the market (see above for more information on the soundbar and subwoofer). 

The module connects wirelessly to the soundbar (up to 30 feet away), eliminating the need for extra wires while providing a deep, extended low-end response (down to 25 Hz) to create a more immersive experience and a cinema-like rumble (see above for more details on the soundbar and subwoofer). It also delivers impressive low-end detail for its relatively low power and size, with a glass panel measuring 11.6 inches by 11.6 inches and standing less than 13 inches tall. The Bose Surround Speakers 700 are also backward-compatible with Bose’s lower-end soundbars. 

Bose’s soundbar systems come in separate components, and the Bass Module 700 costs just as much as the Smart Soundbar 900. Customers who wish to save their money and square feet may want to purchase the Bass Module 500 for $500, which has a 5.25-inch driver. 

Optical audio connectivity, DTS support, and a little less room-shaking sub-bass are sacrificed if they choose this unit. The volume control on the Bass Module 700 can only be adjusted using Bose’s smartphone app. The unit has received slight wireless interference when placed near routers and other wireless devices. However, this can be cured by using the subwoofer in wired mode with the provided cable. 


Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Bose Surround Speakers 700


The all-in-one Soundbar and Woofer


  • 5.0.2 channel (soundbar), 5.0.4 channel (soundbar + satellites) 
  • 41.14 inches width (soundbar) and 1.84 inches width (surround speaker) 
  • HDMI eARC, Optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (soundbar) connectivity


Bose’s 700 Surround Speakers are some of the finest compact surround speakers to enhance your home theatre experience. 



  • Metal-and-plastic construction that lasts for more extended periods
  • This soundbar is a remote control
  • Its compact size allows for flexible placement
  • Great and immersive sound
  • Expensive
  • It isn’t compatible with lower-end Bose soundbars
  • Need some improvements

Upgrading virtual surround sound to authentic physical surround sound is a unique experience. Setting up a Bose sound system is fun because you can pick and choose your components piece by piece. While it might take a while and require extra effort, it allows you to mix and match Bose loudspeakers and pricing points to your liking. 

The Bose Surround Speakers 700 are the perfect Bose surround sound speakers for pairing with the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 (see up for more information) to create immersion, volume, and dimension in your home theatre (see up for more details). They also complement the Bose aesthetic. 

Furthermore, these speakers are compatible with the Bose TV Soundbar 700, Bose Soundbar 500, and Bose Soundbar 300, so you won’t be restricted if you consider one of those less expensive options. All soundbars-to-speaker connections are wireless and do not require long cable runs (just an electrical outlet), so these are a very convenient and flexible choice for adding surround sound to any space. 

The Bose Surround Speakers 700 are sold separately from the Smart Soundbar 900, substantially increasing their price. Additionally, you will need to purchase mounting brackets or floor stands for speakers, which can add $300 to the total cost. 

Because the Bose Surround Speakers 700 is part of a reliable and reputable ecosystem dedicated to producing clear and crisp sound, this is a foregone conclusion. Even so, the cost is still high to keep in mind. You must have at least the Soundbar 500 to use the Bose Surround Speakers 700, which is less feature-rich. 

FAQs on Bose TV Soundbar

1. What’s the difference between different Bose soundbars?

The Bose soundbars are designed in various ways, some due to size and design, while others are related to extra functions and sound quality. Different Bose Soundbars (300, 500, 700, and 900) have expandable Bose bass modules and satellites, making them more unique as standalone devices. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 includes Dolby Atmos and Bose TrueSpace technology, which are necessary for an immersive sound from a soundbar. 

2. Do you require a subwoofer with Bose TV Soundbar?

The Bose Bass Module 500 is a good choice for those who want to experience a theatre-like experience with their soundbar. With a 5.5-inch driver, the Bass Module 500 delivers decent low-end that can be heard throughout a movie. However, the Bass Module 700’s 10-inch driver is a better choice for those who want a wild, room-sharing experience. 

3. How much does a Bose soundbar cost?

Bose soundbars can cost as little as $200 or as much as $1,500, depending on your selected package. A Bose tv soundbar will cost at least $400 if you want an immersive home theatre experience with the potential for future subwoofer and satellite speaker upgrades. 

4. Is the Bose Soundbar 700 worth it?

The Bose Soundbar 700 was and remains accessible as of September 2021. As of September 2021, Bose’s new flagship soundbar is the Soundbar 900, which is available for just $100 more than the Soundbar 700. It includes Dolby Atmos as well as a 38.5-inch width. 

5. Can I add speakers to my Bose TV Soundbar?

Bose Surround Speakers 700 can be used in conjunction with Bose Smart Soundbar 300, Bose Smart Soundbar 500, Bose Smart Soundbar 700, and Bose Smart Soundbar 900. 

6. How long do Bose soundbars last?

Bose soundbars (and all other speakers, in fact) can endure for decades if they are used frequently, kept in a single location, and safeguarded from power surges, as long as they are commonly used at a moderate volume. Even though soundbars may include current connectivity interfaces, wireless compatibility, and Dolby Atmos technology, their items are more likely to become antiquated over time than just malfunctioning. 



The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is my top choice because it includes excellent sound quality, wireless connectivity, and Dolby Atmos technology. Eliminating the need for wired connections, the Bose Bass Module 700 and the Bose Surround Speakers 700, both wireless, allow users to expand their sound in various ways. 

The Smart Soundbar 300, Smart Soundbar 500, and Smart Soundbar 700 all provide exceptional sound quality and Dolby Atmos support, provided you are willing to give up Dolby Atmos instead for a smaller soundbar. Finally, the Bose Solo 5 is an excellent choice if you are on a budget, particularly if you need adequate midrange clarity and volume. The Bose Solo 5 lacks conventional features like HDMI connectivity, but it is affordable.

Hope you found the best Bose TV Soundbar from this article!

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