Neo QLED vs QLED Displays: Which One Is Best For You?

When it comes to buying a new display, there are a lot of acronyms and jargon, creating confusion for buyers. Hence, I have sorted it and done all the research on Neo QLED vs QLED.

Here, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about Neo QLED vs QLED TVs so you can make decisions quickly.

What is Neo QLED?


In 2021, Samsung introduced its first Neo QLED televisions. Neo QLED is Samsung’s version of the mini LED display technique from 2018, which focuses on the backlight of the TV. This way, Neo QLED provides higher contrast and brightness, just like mini LEDs.

What is Mini-LED?

Mini-LED technology is an improvement of LED backlighting employed by QLED and LED TVs rather than a competitor.

QLED TVs can now accommodate tens of thousands of Mini-LEDs, rather than hundreds of LEDs because Mini-LEDs are much smaller than traditional LEDs.

Backlighting can be adjusted precisely, bringing black levels close to those of OLED in non-OLED displays.

TCL began offering the 8-series QLED TVs late in 2019, the first TVs with a Mini-LED backlighting system.

By 2022, Mini-LED TVs will be ubiquitous. TCL will not be the only company offering these TVs; Samsung, LG, and Sony will also provide them. Sony claims its Mini-LED TVs are superior to other models thanks to its exclusive backlighting control technology.

Which Neo QLED TVs Are Available?

There are currently five 4K and four 8K QLED TVs from Samsung, ranging from $1,199 to $8,499. Be forewarned that the bigger models will cost you thousands of dollars. For example, the QN900B 8K TV is 85 inches and costs $8,499.

The premium 8K models, the QN800B, QN900B, and QN700B Neo QLED TVs are available. However, availability is subject to region. For example, the QN700B isn’t available in the United States.

The QN94B, QN95B, QN85B, and QN90B Neo QLED TVs are 4K models that are more widely accessible.

Is Samsung the Only Brand Making Neo QLED?

Samsung is the sole manufacturer of Neo QLED televisions, but you can find other brands that utilize the same mini-LED technology if you want.

LG’s QNED TVs sit below OLED models and use mini-LEDs. LG uses the QNED to describe these TVs, which come in 4K and 8K varieties, just like Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs.

The QNED99 and QNED95 models cost $3,000 and are 8K variations. Alternatively, the QNED90 and QNED85 TVs cost around half the price, 4K variations.

Other companies, such as TCL and HiSense, sell mini-LED TVs. TCL was the first company to introduce a mini-LED TV in 2019.

You can explore the TCL C825K 4K mini-LED television with the same quantum dot technology as Samsung.

What Is A QLED Screen?


A QLED TV (Quantum Light-Emitting Diode) is similar to a regular LED TV, but it activates its picture with tiny quantum particles known as quantum dots.

Dots can range in size from two to ten nanometers and produce different colors.

Quantum dots are lighted more intensely due to the blue LEDs’ short beam and potent, dazzling, and precise lighting.

What To Look For In Computer Monitors For Professionals?

A huge number of professionals enjoy the numerous benefits of display technology. No matter what you do or whatever you use your monitor for, you will need the best features in one. 

  • Graphic Designers

Regarding graphic designers, it would be best if you stuck with Neo QLED, between Neo QLED vs QLED, as they offer the best possible performance. Ideally, graphic designer monitors should have as many ports as possible.

High-end monitors tend to include DisplayPorts instead of VGAs to handle high resolution, color saturation, and internal calibration, and it is rightfully the most useful connector for creatives.

  • Photographers

Photographers should avoid VGA as a connection type. For that reason VGA port is often replaced with a Mini DisplayPort on the latest monitors; the same goes for DVI. 

If you own a monitor for photo editing and a fitting graphic card with drivers that support 10 bits per color, there will be many benefits to going with a DisplayPort connection. 

  • Architects

One should focus on color, brightness, and contrast when looking for a monitor for architects. Most monitors for architects are equipped with optimal color performance and resolution. 

The best monitors for CAD and similar demanding software share similar features and technology. 

  • Traders

To trade without hindrance, you will need a top monitor for traders to ensure the trade goes smoothly. The screen size matters as you get better image quality with better resolution. Thus, giving an extra edge to Neo QLED between Neo QLED vs QLED.

Most importantly, with flicker-free and anti-glare screen features,  you won’t strain your eyes in artificial light. For multiple displays set up and office desktop stations, bezel-less monitors would be ideal for maximum screen space.   

  • Programmers

Features like high resolution, vibrant colors, clarity, response time, and refresh rate are essential in programming monitors and, more importantly, when you’re spending long hours at work. 

Also, monitor size and orientation are equally relevant. Look for a monitor with vibrant colors and an excellent viewing angle, usually found in a 4k monitor.

Side-by-Side Comparison Between Neo QLED vs QLED

A side-by-side comparison is made between Neo QLED vs QLED to see how they differ in different fields.

CriteriaNeo QLEDQLED
Color AccuracyExcellentGood
Viewing AngleModerateModerate
Sunlight VisibilityModerateModerate
Energy ConsumptionGoodGood


Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are superior to the existing QLED TVs using quantum dot technology, thanks to their use of mini-LED backlighting rather than traditional LED backlighting.

Mini-LEDs are much smaller than conventional LEDs so you can pack more of them into dimming zones.

Neo QLED light control can be subtle and precise, resulting in a better contrast ratio, thanks to more LEDs and dimming zones.

Besides the backlighting technique, Neo QLED panels are still LCDs with quantum-dot technology. As a bright object in a dark background produces less halo effect, thus LCDs still face this problem.

Which is better, Neo QLED vs QLED?


Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are the most superior. They produce an impressive HDR performance thanks to their brightness, which is greater than any OLED can achieve.

Thanks to the Mini LED backlight, the black-level performance of their displays is closer to OLED than ever before, although light spilling onto dark areas of an image still causes blooming. They are excellent for bright and dark locations since they combine impressive brightness and black-level performance.

The cost is the key factor in whether or not to purchase a Neo QLED TV. Neo QLED was developed to showcase Samsung’s premium TV performance, while QLED serves as a more affordable (or less expensive) alternative.

There are no disadvantages to purchasing a Neo QLED TV—its performance is astounding for an LCD TV—except for the price, so if you want a less expensive Samsung TV, consider the traditional QLED line or the Korean company’s Crystal UHD line.

FAQs on Neo QLED vs QLED

1. What is special about Neo QLED?

Neo QLED focuses on the backlight of the TV and provides higher contrast and brightness, just like mini LEDs.

2. Is Neo QLED worth the extra money?

If you’re considering upgrading to a new TV and want the best picture quality possible, Samsung’s Neo QLED models are worth considering. These Samsung TVs use Quantum Mini LEDs to produce brighter, more colorful images that look great in any viewing environment.

 3. Is OLED or Neo QLED better?

Not all OLED TVs are suitable for all rooms, but Neo QLED can still deliver an exceptional HDR picture in any environment. Neo QLED is brighter and superior to any QLED/LCD delivering HDR.

4. Does Neo QLED get burn-in?

Fortunately, Samsung Neo QLED TVs are some of the most durable displays on the market and have been certified burn-in free.

6. Does Neo QLED have Dolby Vision?

Neo QLED has Dolby Atmos but no Dolby Vision.

7. How do you clean a Neo QLED screen?

It is best to turn the TV off and let it cool down for a few minutes before unplugging it. Using a microfiber cleaning cloth, gently wipe the frame and screen. Be as delicate as possible when wiping the TV frame and screen.

8. How many zones are in Neo QLED?

792 dimming zones
The Samsung QN90A Neo QLED features a full-array local dimming backlight. The company says the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED has 792 dimming zones. Samsung is providing so many dimming zones because it is using mini-LED backlighting on this TV, a first for the company.

9. Which TV screen is best in sunlight?

Samsung’s QN90B QLED is the best television for bright room viewing. It’s part of Samsung’s 2022 lineup of flagship 4K TVs, and it has features that make it an excellent option for a bright room.

Conclusion: Neo QLED vs QLED

At this point, you may wonder if Neo QLED is a good fit for you. A TV with Neo QLED is suitable for the passionate movie or TV watcher who wants to enjoy colorful images. For example, HDR images look very good, thanks to the high contrast ratio. 

A Neo QLED TV is useful for watching TV during the day or in the evening with the lights on because of the high brightness. Bright images reduce the reflection on the screen. The panel is also very thin, which gives it a luxurious look. 

The call is yours which display suits your need and budget.

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