5 Best Broadband And Anytime Calls Package You Don’t Skip

Do you want to stay connected with your friends & family while enjoying the convenience of unlimited broadband and anytime calls? Then the Broadband and Anytime Calls package could be the perfect solution for you. This package offers the ideal combination of value and flexibility, so you don’t have to worry about being disconnected.

You can also access exclusive deals and discounts to save money every month. So, if you’re searching for a reliable and affordable way to stay connected, the Broadband and Anytime Calls package are perfect.

Comparison Of Broadband And Anytime Calls Package





Plusnet Unlimited Fibre w/ Anytime Calls


4.7 / 5 

Shell Energy Broadband Fibre + Anytime Call Plan


4.8 / 5 

NOW Broadband Super Fibre


4.9 / 5 

Vodafone Pro Xtra


4.7 / 5 

Virgin Media M100 + Talk More Anytime


4.6 / 5 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Broadband And Anytime Calls Package

1. Does broadband include phone calls?

You must incur additional costs to get inclusive anytime calls with major broadband providers. In addition, you’ll have to select a calling minutes add-on to pair with an unrestricted broadband plan. As a result, your monthly cost will rise.

2. What is anytime calls?

Anytime calls can be defined as calls up to 60 minutes to UK landlines beginning with 01, 02, 03, 0845, & 0870 numbers at anytime (except calls to indirect access numbers, which comprise calling cards & dial-up internet access). Please note that the calls must be started & ended within these times to be inclusive (non-chargeable).

3. What is BT broadband and calls?

BT’s services are simple. They provide fibre optic broadband at different speeds, adding a home phone service or going landline-free. The average speeds are based on the download speeds of at least 50% of customers at peak time (between 8 pm to 10 pm).

What You’ll Need

If you want to have internet access at home, you’ll require an Internet Service Provider (ISP) & a router to connect to the ISP. ISPs often offer a router with their service. As a result, more than one computer or device can use the broadband connection simultaneously.

Things To Consider While Buying A Broadband And Anytime Calls Package

You can dial UK landlines or cell phones anytime when you purchase a broadband package with unlimited calls.

Generally, most of these broadband and landline telephone bundles are safe to purchase. Nevertheless, one should still be cautious when buying these sorts of packages.

Before buying a Broadband and Anytime Calls package, here are the things to consider: 

  • Certain providers may only offer free calls to cell phones serviced by their network. Virgin Media, for instance, has this feature included in their least expensive calling plan.
  • You could start paying much higher for unlimited calls when your agreement is terminated. This will likely happen if you were allowed to make free calls during the initial phase of the contract.
  • Some service providers may only offer unlimited calls to landline numbers plus a limited number of calling minutes to UK mobile phones.
  • Certain providers may have fair use regulations, such as not permitting customers to use their unlimited calling plans to run a business with frequent phone calls. The specifics of these policies may differ across providers.

Top Broadband And Anytime Calls Package Deals

1. Plusnet Unlimited Fibre w/ Anytime Calls

broadband and anytime calls package



+ Comes with a decent-value reward card+ Affordable monthly costs+ No setup fee– You only receive 2000 inclusive minutes for calling mobile numbers monthly

Plusnet offers an economical option if you search for broadband with 24/7 phone service. Although their internet speed is not the fastest, their monthly fees are reasonable, and there are no extra costs for installation. Plus, you get unrestricted internet access.

Plusnet usually presents potential customers with a generous gift card as an enticement. This acts like a prepaid debit card and usually covers the cost of 2 months of broadband service.

The monthly fees include line rental and Plusnet’s packages that include any time UK landline and phone calls that are relatively inexpensive compared to their plans without landline access.

One of the drawbacks of Plusnet is that they require an 18-month commitment. Unfortunately, they do not offer any short-term packages (if that is what you are looking for, NOW Broadband is a better option).

Plusnet’s calling bundle includes unlimited UK landline calls. However, it only provides 2000 minutes of talk time to UK mobile numbers. Generally, this amount of minutes is more than enough for most households since it is equivalent to over an hour of daily calls to mobile numbers.

2. Shell Energy Broadband Fibre + Anytime Call Plan

broadband and anytime calls package



+ You are offered a discount as a Shell Energy customer+ No upfront fees+ Low monthly costs– Customer service needs improvements

Even though Shell does not provide free anytime calls, their internet plans are of great value when considering the cost, even if you decide to include an inclusive calling package.

If you are already a Shell Energy customer, you can take advantage of a reduced price on your monthly bill.

There are no initial expenses regardless of which option you pick – Superfast Fibre with 38 Mbps download speed or Full Fibre 500 with a 525 Mbps average download speed.

It is essential to know that Shell’s fibre-optic broadband services do not include a telephone line.

All Shell Energy Broadband plans call for an 18-month contract, and there are no options for shorter-term agreements. Shell offers a competitive monthly rate that covers unlimited internet usage and telephone line rental at no additional cost.

After settling on a broadband plan, you can include a calling package. The most suitable choice for most people is the “Anytime Call Plan”, which allows you to make unlimited calls to national phone numbers in the UK.

Additionally, a more costly option includes free calls to landlines in the European Union.

Although the inclusive calling minutes plans are affordable, other internet service providers are more inexpensive.

The primary disadvantage of Shell is its customer service. They could be more attentive when resolving broadband connection or Wi-Fi issues, which is unfortunate.

3. NOW Broadband Super Fibre

broadband and anytime calls package



+ Anytime or evening and weekend calls are affordable+ Good value broadband deals+ Charges only a £5 upfront fee on the 12-month contract+ Comes with a 12-month or 30-day contract– Previously, anytime calls were free for the first year

At one point, NOW Broadband offered complimentary anytime calls with all of their broadband packages. However, this is no longer part of the deal, but their broadband offers are quite advantageous, and it’s easy to get unlimited landline calls for a nominal monthly fee.

NOW Broadband’s anytime call plans are affordable compared to other broadband providers.

If you wish to save money, you can opt for a plan that only includes evening and weekend calls. Moreover, you can get anytime calls to UK landlines and cellphones for only a slightly increased monthly fee.

Super Fibre provides an impressive 63 Mbps download speed at a reasonable monthly rate and comes with a contract of 12 months and a small setup fee of £5.

NOW Broadband is one of the few UK service providers offering the option of purchasing a broadband plan with a monthly contract. However, if you opt for this, you must pay a significantly higher setup cost.

Generally speaking, it is disheartening that NOW has taken away the option of making free, limitless calls from home using their broadband plans. Even so, they still provide some of the most economical broadband and all-day calling packages in the United Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that Super Fibre is the most immediate plan offered by NOW Broadband. They only provide broadband packages with 63 Mbps speeds, classified as superfast rather than ultrafast.

4. Vodafone Pro Xtra

broadband and anytime calls package



+ You receive ultrafast download speeds in some areas+ In addition, you get a 4G broadband backup, ensuring you’re always online+ Comes with an Apple TV box+ Get inclusive anytime calls to UK numbers– High per-month price

The monthly fee associated with Vodafone’s Pro Xtra broadband packages is expensive, and you must sign an agreement for 2 years.

All the packages include unlimited calls to UK numbers at any given time, so you don’t need to be concerned about call costs per minute. In addition, Vodafone Pro Xtra offers a wide range of additional advantages.

If you reside in an area with full fibre broadband, you can acquire download speeds exceeding 900 Mbps and unlimited downloads.

As a Pro Xtra customer, you are provided with a 4G broadband backup device that is a safeguard to ensure that you still have internet access even if your home broadband connection fails.

When you purchase this product, you get a complimentary Apple TV which you can use to view your preferred streaming platforms, and 3 months of Apple TV+ access at no extra cost.

You can always resell the Apple TV for a profit if you don’t need it. The best advantage of Vodafone Pro Xtra is that you can make unlimited landline calls without incurring any extra charges.

Vodafone broadband plans are costly with no initial payment, although the monthly fees are still exorbitant.

5. Virgin Media M100 + Talk More Anytime

broadband and anytime calls package



+ Affordable calling packages+ You receive anytime calls with a full-fibre broadband plan+ Affordable monthly costs, given the download speeds available– Tricky setup

Generally, most ultra-high-speed broadband providers offer fibre-optic internet packages without a landline phone service. However, this is not the situation with Virgin Media.

Virgin Media is an excellent option if you need high-speed internet access with the ability to make telephone calls at any time.

If you navigate the company’s website, almost all its plans include the “Talk More Weekends” offering. This option allows you to call UK landlines and mobiles on weekends.

When you go through the payment procedure, you will eventually encounter the possibility to personalise your broadband and calls package. In this case, you can opt for the “Talk More Anytime” offer to get inclusive anytime calls at a fairly reasonable cost.

Obtaining 24-hour phone access with Virgin Media can be difficult but is advantageous if you need an average download speed of 1000 Mbps or higher. Their M100 package provides 108 Mbps, which is typically sufficient for most families and much more economical.

Virgin Media’s monthly expenses are generally reasonably priced compared to the speeds they offer, though there is typically a large initial payment.

One of the primary disadvantages of Virgin Media is that it can be challenging to set up – requiring an engineer visit. This is because their broadband system differs from other providers, complicating the installation process.

Broadband And Anytime Calls Package: Broadband Providers

broadband and anytime calls package

Several British internet service providers offer packages that include broadband and phone deals with anytime calls. Nevertheless, the structure of these arrangements will vary depending on the Broadband and Anytime Calls package supplier.

  • Plusnet (spend additional money for a variation of their broadband offers that includes anytime calls)
  • NOW Broadband (incur additional costs for phone calls made during evening/weekends)
  • EE (incur additional costs for an inclusive calls add-on)
  • Virgin Media (spend more on a modified version of their broadband plan which includes evening/weekend calls to either landlines or Virgin mobiles, or they can pay an additional fee for an inclusive calls upgrade)
  • Vodafone (with Pro Xtra plans, customers can enjoy complimentary anytime calls for the first two years)
  • BT (incur additional costs for an inclusive calls add-on)
  • TalkTalk (incur additional costs for an inclusive calls add-on)

Broadband And Anytime Calls Package: Affordable Broadband Providers

If you are searching for an economical and unlimited broadband and telephone bundle, NOW Broadband is your best option. NOW Broadband will require a higher fee for anytime calls, though their extra call services will be relatively inexpensive.

NOW Broadband is usually the most affordable broadband and anytime calls supplier, even though anytime calls are not provided free of charge due to the inexpensive nature of their monthly charges.

Broadband And Anytime Calls Package: Broadband Providers Provide Unlimited Broadband Usage


Since the beginning of March 2020, all British broadband internet providers have offered unlimited downloads and uploads as part of their home internet packages.

You can feel secure that you won’t exceed capacity limits on Internet surfing through a fixed-line connection. However, alternate means of going online, such as utilising a dongle, may have specific utilisation regulations.

Broadband And Anytime Calls Package: Is Unlimited Broadband Truly Unlimited?

In the past, British internet service providers employed “fair usage” policies on their unlimited broadband packages. This meant that even though the plan offered limitless access to data, there were still certain restrictions on downloads depending on the terms of the fair usage agreement.

Presently, broadband packages have no limit on how much data can be downloaded or uploaded – so don’t worry about exceeding quotas.

Most residential internet packages have only a few restrictions on their use, detailed in the provider’s acceptable usage regulations.

The general rule of an acceptable use policy is that you should not be using your residential internet connection to conduct business activities except for working from home. You can use the unlimited data allowance with unlimited broadband if you are not engaging in these activities.

Cost Of Getting Anytime Calls

Most internet providers to require an additional fee to access unlimited phone calls.

If you want an unlimited broadband plan, you will have to either pay additional monthly money for extra calling minutes or you will have to select a different version of the broadband plan, which includes making anytime calls.

Most broadband providers usually charge an extra £6-£8 a month if you want to enjoy inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobile numbers.

However, you don’t always need to pay more to make unlimited landline calls. For instance, Vodafone includes any time calls up to 1 hour long to UK landlines & mobiles during the initial 24-month contract.

Is It Required To Pay For Line Rental?

In the UK, almost all broadband services are dependent upon a landline. Consequently, even if you don’t intend to use your home phone, you still need to pay for line rental to gain broadband access.

Don’t worry about any additional expenditure on broadband plans because the line rental fee is already included in the monthly cost.

Is Getting Inclusive Calls With Fibre Broadband Possible?


When one visits certain broadband suppliers’ sites, their options for phone packages are not offered along with their full fibre broadband bundles. Shell Energy Broadband is a service provider which presently declares that they provide this.

In most scenarios, customers can get a landline phone service with unlimited calls, no matter if they have a 900+ Mbps full fibre broadband connection. For instance, BT Broadband and Virgin Media offer this type of service.

You can enjoy continuous calls if you have superfast broadband that offers a download speed of 24-300 Mbps download speed or ultrafast broadband with a download rate of 300-900 Mbps.

Is Getting Unlimited Inclusive International Calls Possible?

Most internet service packages with unlimited calling are restricted to domestic landline and cell phone numbers. Some broadband providers offer the option of purchasing an international calls package to make international calls in addition to regular services.

The particulars of this service vary based on the service provider. However, in most cases, only specific countries abroad are allowed, and customers cannot make unlimited international calls. Instead, they will receive a certain amount of international minutes each month.

For example, BT’s additional package provides unlimited calls to 36 nations, but only to stationary phones, and lower costs for international calling.

If you are looking for a broadband provider offering an international calls add-on, you can anticipate spending around £8 to £12 for it.

Should You Go For Unlimited Calls, Or Pay Per Minute?

If you don’t go for a plan that includes calls with your home phone, you will need to pay a fee for every minute of conversation. You will also have to pay a fee for each phone call you make.

Generally, the connection fee is roughly 20-25p, and the cost per minute is approximately 15p to landlines and 17p to mobiles. So, a conversation lasting 20 minutes would cost about £3.25 to a landline phone.

If you make a few phone calls during the month, there might be better choices to purchase an unlimited internet package with 24/7 phone access.

If you spend at least sixty minutes a month on your landline phone, you can save substantial money in the long run by taking advantage of an unlimited phone plan.

Keep Your Landline Number When Changing Broadband Providers


When you’re changing broadband providers, you can keep your landline number. You need to inform your new provider that you’d like to keep your home landline number and then provide your number to them.

Further, the new provider will transfer the number to your new broadband connection as you switch.

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Summary: Broadband And Anytime Calls Package

Several British internet service providers provide packages that include broadband and phone deals with anytime calls. You can dial UK landlines or cell phones anytime when you purchase a broadband package with unlimited calls.

If you are searching for an economical and unlimited broadband and telephone bundle, NOW Broadband is your best option. NOW Broadband is usually the most affordable broadband and anytime calls supplier, even though anytime calls are not provided free of charge due to the inexpensive nature of their monthly charges.

I hope this article on the best broadband and anytime calls package sounds helpful! Feel free to comment down your opinions in the comments section.

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