6 Best 4G Router Deals In The UK You Should Check Out

A 4G router is the perfect choice for connecting all your home and office devices to the internet. With the latest 4G technology, these routers provide fast, reliable access to the web. Whether you’re a business owner, telecommuter, or a home user, the best 4G router can provide an uninterrupted connection for streaming, gaming, and more.

But knowing which is the right router for you can be challenging. So, I’ve got you covered. In this guide, you will look at the best 4G router on the UK market that will help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Comparison Of Best 4G Router





4G National Broadband (TP-Link Archer MR600)


4.7 / 5 

Vodafone Gigacube (Huawei B818)


4.6 / 5 

EE 4GEE Home Router 3


4.5 / 5 

Three 4G Hub (ZTE MF286D)


4.6 / 5 

Three 4G Plus Hub (Sercomm LTE2122GR)


4.7 / 5 

Three Huawei 4G Plus MiFi Device


4.6 / 5 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best 4G Router

1. Which 4G WiFi router is best?

Here are the best 4G WiFi router: 

  • Huawei B628-265
  • ZyXEL 4G LTE-A Indoor WiFi Router
  • TP-Link TL-MR6400
  • D-Link DWR-9214G LTE Router

2. Is a 4G router better than Wi-Fi?

Generally, a 4G mobile internet connection is swifter than a standard house Wi-Fi network. 5G will be notably faster than most current Wi-Fi networks.

3. Does 4G router give better signal than phone?

4G routers are superior to mobile phones when accessing the 4G network as they boast more powerful antennas. In areas with poor 4G reception, an external antenna can be installed on a building and linked to a 4G router placed indoors to ensure fast, dependable internet service.

What You’ll Need: 

Setting up your internet with a 4G WiFi Router is a quick and easy process that only requires a few steps: 

  • Put the antennas in place and point them upwards
  • Place the micro SIM card into its designated slot until it snaps into place.
  • Plug the router into an electrical outlet and switch it on.

Best 4G Router In The United Kingdom




+ Great download speeds
+ Includes unlimited data
+ It installs an antenna that offers you a good 4G signal
+ You get a chance to choose your contract length
– Costly

If you’re searching for a 4G router in a rural area, 4G National Broadband is the ideal option.

Instead of simply sending you a router, they will also mount an antenna on your residence to ensure that you get a strong connection – even if you reside in a rural area.

When you sign up, you will receive unlimited free data, a complimentary setup, and the necessary items to maintain your internet connection.

4G National Broadband offers a variety of convenient contract lengths, including 12, 18, and 24 months. Additionally, their customer service is excellent.

The downside of using this service is that it is expensive. The initial price is quite substantial, and even if you opt for a contract of a shorter duration, the cost of the monthly payment is still somewhat costly.

For people living in rural areas, this 4G router deal is the best solution for obtaining more rapid download rates at their residences.

Generally, 4G National Broadband will provide you with a much-improved connection speed of around 30 Mbps, significantly faster than the 10-15 Mbps you are likely experiencing currently.

2. Vodafone Gigacube (Huawei B818)




+ Great Wi-Fi signal
+ Affordable monthly costs on the 24-month plans
+ Comes with month-to-month contract
– Only 2 Ethernet ports

Vodafone supplies a Gigacube router covering 4G and 5G networks.

You can get each of the 4G Gigacube with either a 30-day or 24-month agreement, and you can choose from three data packages: 100 GB, 200 GB, or 300 GB of data a month.

If you need to access the internet with multiple people in your household or enjoy streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix, a monthly data limit can become a problem.

The Huawei B818 router by Vodafone has excellent wireless network capabilities, with two external antenna ports and two LAN ports.

Vodafone’s monthly outlay is significantly higher than Three’s, especially when you opt for a month-to-month plan. Buying this 4G router will be a costly purchase.

Generally, I suggest this router if you anticipate Vodafone to provide a much better 4G signal than Three at your location. However, in most scenarios, Three is a more cost-effective option, and they also supply unlimited data, unlike Vodafone.

3. EE 4GEE Home Router 3

best 4G router



+ Supports EE’s fastest 4G
+ Comes with 64 simultaneous connections
+ Competitive specifications
– No 5G

EE’s 4GEE Home Router 3 is their newest 4G home broadband router, providing the capability to connect with up to 64 devices within a 30-metre wireless range.

This stylish white router has Ethernet ports for a wired connection, so it should meet all your needs. EE is not disclosing exactly how fast its speeds are, but its 4G network is usually ranked first in tests, so this router is connected to a network that should be able to take full advantage of it.

The EE 4GEE Home Router 3 features 2 Ethernet ports for wired connections. These wired connections provide a Wi-Fi radius of 30 metres and can support up to 64 devices simultaneously.

The 4GEE Home Router 3 features a comprehensive instruction manual, and it is truly simple to use – all that is required is to insert the provided SIM card and then connect the router to the power outlet.

You can modify certain features like the network’s name or the safety protocols when setting up a router, but for the most part, you need to plug it in, and you’re good to go.

4. Three 4G Hub (ZTE MF286D)

best 4G router



+ Has an extended return policy
+ Comes with incredible download speeds
+ Excellent value for money
+ Good Wi-Fi signal strength
– Comes with only 24 month’s contract

The Three 4G Hub is an outstanding option for accessing 4G services at a tremendous cost.

You can get this device from Three for a reasonable monthly fee; it has unlimited data. Additionally, there are no additional charges initially, making it much cheaper than other 4G routers and regular broadband packages.

With an unlimited data allowance, you can buy this gadget from Three at a low monthly expense. This 4G router is incredibly economical compared to other 4G routers and traditional broadband deals, as there are no fees to pay before using it.

When I tested the 4G Hub in an optimal setup, I achieved close to 200 Mbps download speeds through an Ethernet connection. Generally, your connection speeds will be slower than usual, mainly when using Wi-Fi, and may range from 30-50 Mbps.

The ZTE MF286D router is an excellent piece of equipment. This router offers four Ethernet ports, directly linking multiple computers and gaming platforms. The Wi-Fi signal coverage is also perfect, providing robust signal power for most homes.

This 4G router includes a 30-day refund policy, allowing you to try it out and ascertain your 4G speeds before signing a 2-year contract. However, once the time for returns has elapsed, you will be obliged to stick with the 24-month plan.

Generally speaking, if you are searching for a fast, cost-effective method of getting on the web, 4G Hub is an excellent option.

5. Three 4G Plus Hub (Sercomm LTE2122GR)

best 4G router



+ Has external antennas, improving consistency
+ Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
+ Has good download speeds
+ Affordable price
– Only 24-month contract

This router is a variation of the 4G Hub I examined with additional features.

The major difference in this 4G router is that it comes with 2 external antennas connected to the device to obtain an enhanced 4G signal.

Furthermore, the top download rate of the 4G Plus Hub is greater, reaching Cat 19/20 instead of Cat 12/13. In addition to the external antennas, this leads to a rise in the actual speed of at least 10-20 Mbps.

Apart from the hassle of installing the antennas, the downside to the 4G Plus Hub is that it only comes with 2 LAN ports rather than 4. Also, it’s a bit bigger and bulkier than the regular 4G Hub.

If you don’t require a great deal of Ethernet ports and don’t have a small router, it’s beneficial to buy the 4G Plus Hub. This 4G router is cost-effective, with no need to pay in advance and the same monthly fee as the 4G Hub.

Even though you must sign a contract for two years, Three still provides a 30-day grace period to evaluate the device’s speed.

6. Three Huawei 4G Plus MiFi Device




+ Has many contract lengths & data plans to choose from
+ Portable
+ Low monthly costs
– Needs to be charged every 6 hours or so of use

Depending on your internet connection strategy, a MiFi device like this is more suitable than a 4G router.

Portable Wi-Fi devices enable you to access the 4G network virtually anywhere due to their battery power, meaning that there is no need for them to be plugged in constantly.

Consequently, MiFi is the optimal selection when you are on the go. Remember that these gadgets are less potent than a standard router, implying that you cannot anticipate the same download speed and can’t associate as many devices to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Huawei 4G Plus MiFi device offers an impressive battery life of 6 hours and is available from Three on either a 1, 12, or 24-month contract. Customers can choose from 10GB, 40GB, or an unlimited data plan, granting them a wide range of possibilities.

It doesn’t matter which package you pick. This MiFi device is quite reasonably priced. Three generally offers discounts on their unlimited data plans, such as cutting the monthly cost during the initial half year.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best 4G Router

best 4G router

Here are the things to consider in the best 4G router: 

Strong Dual-Band Wi-Fi Signal

A powerful dual-band Wi-Fi network can reach even the most remote areas of your home and accommodate many linked devices. Most reliable 4G routers can connect up to 64 devices simultaneously.

Compact Design

When you have to position your router in an elevated space, such as on a windowsill, it can be beneficial to have a more compact router so that it does not occupy a large amount of space.

Gigabit LAN Ports

The router has at least 2 gigabit LAN ports, allowing you to connect it directly to computers or gaming consoles instead of relying on Wi-Fi to ensure a more dependable internet connection.

If your gadgets are too far from the router to access with an Ethernet cable, consider a powerline adapter to bridge the gap.

External Antennas

Certain routers, like the 4G Plus Hub, can attach external antennas if required. This can be beneficial to enhance your 4G signal and speeds.

Pros Of Best 4G Router

There are numerous benefits to utilising 4G mobile broadband, which is why 4G routers are favoured: 

  • If you reside in a remote area with a poor internet network, you may experience faster downloads with 4G.
  • Configuring a 4G router is a simple task that does not necessitate the presence of an engineer.
  • When you opt for a 4G connection, you can frequently enjoy a lower monthly expenditure. Compared to a superfast fibre broadband plan with similar download rates, 4G broadband is usually substantially more affordable.
  • When it comes to 4G mobile broadband, there is a great deal of flexibility. You can pay as you go without agreeing. Moreover, most providers allow customers to bring their routers when travelling within the UK.

Cons Of Best 4G Router

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to utilising a 4G router as opposed to fibre broadband: 

  • When searching for a 4G broadband plan, it is essential to be mindful of the data limit. It is ideal to look for a plan that provides an unlimited amount of downloads or a plan that offers enough data for your needs. With Three and their 4G Hub, you don’t have to worry about this – each package has a limitless data allowance.
  • When using a 4G connection, there will generally be a slight delay. This can be noticed when playing any online game, as the response time will be slightly slower.
  • You must be attentive to the location where you install your router to acquire the strongest 4G signal. You may have to try different spots to guarantee the highest download and upload rates. Generally speaking, the most effective site is usually an upstairs windowsill.

How Does the Best 4G Router Work?

best 4G router

4G routers have a similar capability to a standard domestic broadband router.

These devices allow you to access the web, generating a Wi-Fi network you can join. Additionally, you can opt for an Ethernet connection. Moreover, these Wi-Fi routers have the same settings as most routers, including parental monitoring features.

Unlike traditional routers, 4G routers do not require a phone line for internet access, so there is no need to pay for line rental. Instead, they have a SIM card slot to connect to the 4G network, like a mobile phone obtains its online connection.

Establishing a 4G router is much more effortless than other routers. You don’t need to wait for a technician to visit to connect you to the internet – all you need to do is to insert the SIM card, plug the router in, and switch it on.

How Do The Best 4G Router Deals Work?

In the United Kingdom, purchasing 4G routers from leading mobile providers such as Three, Vodafone, and EE is possible.

If you take this route, you will be provided with a router with a subscription plan for data services, providing you with all the necessities to access the internet.

You will receive your router and a SIM card via the post. When it comes, you can start using the internet immediately after you configure the router.

If you choose a 4G router offer, you will likely sign a long-term agreement for 12 months, 18 months, or two years. Although, some suppliers, such as Vodafone, also provide pay-as-you-go plans that are valid for 30 days.

Your plan will include a certain amount of data, and you may need to pay a fee to have the router shipped to you. If you have signed up for a service with a month-by-month contract, you may be obligated to return the router to the company if you decide to terminate the agreement.

Download & Upload Speeds With The Best 4G Router


The download and upload rate you will experience with a 4G router relies on your location’s 4G signal availability.

To ascertain the strength of the 4G signal in your locality, refer to network coverage maps, such as the one provided by Three.

When you enter your postcode, you should see a statement that indicates “good indoor and outdoor 4G coverage” or something like that.

If you have a strong 4G connection at your residence, you can anticipate typical download rates ranging from 30-50 Mbps with 4G broadband and possibly up to 100 Mbps if your 4G signal is excellent.

If you use a 4G router, download speeds can range between 5-12 Mbps.

Comparison Of The Best 4G Router Vs. 5G Router

People lucky enough to access a 5G network could consider investing in a 5G router rather than a 4G router.

The major contrast between 4G and 5G routers is the speed. Generally, 4G routers offer a 50 Mbps download speed, whereas 5G routers commonly provide 500 Mbps speed.

I achieved a download rate of over 700 Mbps with the Three 5G Hub.

Although 5G routers cost more than 4G routers, Three’s prices are the same. It would be wise to enter your zip code on their website to determine if you can access 5G internet.

It is essential to note that 5G routers will depend on 4G signals if 5G coverage isn’t accessible. That way, you don’t need to stress over not having the option to access the internet if you go to a place where 5G isn’t available.

How Much 4G Data Do You Need?


When selecting a 4G internet package, it is essential to consider the monthly data allowance to decide if it is sufficient for your needs.

Watching streaming videos on platforms like Netflix, especially in HD or 4K, and downloading large files like video game updates, can consume a lot of data.

Suppose you frequently view videos or download big files. In that case, it is recommended to have a data limit of at least 300-400 GB per month. Make it an unlimited data plan – particularly if multiple individuals are going online.

Suppose you mainly use the internet for basic activities like browsing, sending emails, and watching videos. In that case, you should be able to manage with a 100 GB data limit, even for a few people. You only need to watch out that you don’t inadvertently download large files like Windows updates too often.

I’m a huge fan of Three’s 4G broadband bundles because they let me have unrestricted data. This peace of mind is certainly worth it.

Does 4G Broadband Work Great In Rural Areas Of The UK?

If you reside in an area with outdated copper wiring rather than faster fibre broadband, you may gain faster download speeds with the help of 4G technology.

To discover what kind of performance you can get from 4G, run a speed testing app on your mobile device, disabling Wi-Fi and 5G connections.

If you experience poor 4G speeds, the nearest 4G tower is far from your location. To improve your connection, consider setting up an antenna in your area, a service that 4G National Broadband can provide.

In addition, if the signal strength of a 4G network is not satisfactory in a rural area, satellite broadband is another option to gain internet access in the home.

Best 4G Router Provider In The UK


Although Three does not have the broadest 4G network coverage across the United Kingdom, I believe they are the ideal 4G router provider for the majority of people due to the following reasons: 

  • Their plans offer unlimited usage, which sets them apart from other service providers.
  • Their prices are significantly lower than those of any other major service provider. If you opt for a 4G router with unlimited data, the cost would be around £15 each month.
  • Purchasing a Three 4G Hub does not require an initial payment.

Looking into EE or Vodafone might be advantageous if they offer better 4G reception in your area. The problem is that the cost of their gadgets is substantially higher than Three’s, and their plans are limited in data usage unless you are willing to spend an excessive amount each month.

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Summary: Best 4G Router


4G routers are perfect for anyone connecting multiple devices to the internet – whether in your home or the office. Moreover, they can stream and download content from 4G and 3G networks.

Regarding 4G routers, the range of benefits is virtually endless. The best 4G routers have powerful dual-band Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN ports, and external antennas that allow you to connect even the most remote areas of your home or office to the internet.

Once your home broadband router is delivered, it is essential to consider the router’s location for attaining the highest possible speed and a strong 4G signal. Experiment with different locations and observe which offers the fastest download and upload speeds.

I hope this article on the best 4G router sounds helpful! Feel free to comment down your opinions in the comments section.

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