5 Best Caravan WiFi Deals You Don’t Wanna Miss Out

Are you searching for a way to stay connected while on the road? Then, consider investing in Caravan WiFi. This unique technology allows you to stay connected to the internet while you’re travelling in your caravan. It provides reliable access to the web no matter where you are. 

With caravan WiFi, you can keep in touch with family and friends, use your favourite streaming services, and even work on the go. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to stay connected while on the road.

It’s easy to install and set up, and you’ll enjoy the freedom of staying connected no matter where you are.

Comparison Of Best Caravan WiFi





Three Huawei 4G Plus MiFi device


4.8 / 5 

Three Data SIM Cards


4.7 / 5 

Three 4G Plus Hub


4.7 / 5 

Kuma WiFi Signal Booster


4.6 / 5 

Highland Wireless Satellite Broadband


4.5 / 5 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Caravan WiFi

1. How can I get WiFi in my caravan?

MiFi is a term for a wireless router that functions as a mobile WiFi access point. This is an ideal option for a caravan. MiFi or MiFi dongles can be utilised wherever WiFi is accessed, generating a localised and mobile signal. Additionally, multiple gadgets can be connected to the MiFi.

2. What is the best WiFi for a caravan?

The optimal WiFi options for people living in caravans are the Huawei B311 2020, NetGear AC810, and TP-Link M7350 4G LTE. Alternatively, a mobile phone with a reliable 4G connection can be a private hotspot for a tablet or a smart TV. While campground WiFi is a possible choice, it usually has a slow speed and is vulnerable to cyber criminals.

3. Can you get mobile WiFi for a caravan?

It is possible to have a broadband service set up in your caravan. Talk to your site manager to learn what possibilities are available. If it is feasible, you can get either a fixed wireless connection or a wired one. Nevertheless, 4G is a reliable alternative if that is not possible.

What You’ll Need

Fixed wireless broadband is the perfect choice for getting WiFi in your caravan. You can obtain download speeds of up to 40Mbps, and it is a highly dependable way to get online. Fixed wireless is set up by taking advantage of a radio tower close to you with the help of a tiny antenna on the exterior of your caravan.

Top 5 Caravan WiFi Devices


Three Huawei 4G Plus MiFi device

Caravan WiFi



+ Portable
+ Good value for money
+ Simple to set up
+ Comes with lots of data plans & contracts
– Not as good connectivity as with a 4G router

If you want a more convenient way of connecting to the internet with 4G, check out Three’s Huawei 4G+ MiFi device.

This device can be bought with various data plans, including 10 GB, 40 GB, and unlimited data. If you’re a frequent caravan user, opt for a monthly payment plan or a longer-term contract of 12- or 24 months. Most of these offers are incredibly cost-effective.

This mobile WiFi router has a built-in battery and eliminates the need to stay plugged in continuously. In addition, its physical size is smaller than 4G routers, so it will only occupy a little space in your caravan.

Configuring this MiFi device is precisely the same as with a 4G WiFi router – you only require the SIM card and the battery to be in place, and it will be all set to connect to the 4G network.

Although a MiFi device offers many benefits, its WiFi network could be stronger than the 4G Plus Hub. The range of its signal might be less, yet more is needed to link numerous devices to the web concurrently.


Three Data SIM Cards

Caravan WiFi



+ Has Three Go Roam
+ Good value for money
+ Availability of Pay as you go SIM plans
– Using a hotspot will chew through your phone’s battery life

Instead of purchasing a caravan WiFi machine, you should use your phone’s hotspot for internet access.

If you want to ensure you are within your data allowance and paying less for the data you use, buying a fresh SIM card may be a good idea.

When it comes to cost, Three SIM cards are a great option. Their monthly pay plans come with substantial data and no initial cost, whereas their pay-as-you-go deals are also attractive.

You can use Go Roam if you have a Caravan and are travelling to Europe, with a monthly cap of 12GB. This service is accessible with three different data SIMs.

One of the demerits of relying on your cell phone hotspot is that it quickly drains your phone’s battery. If you have an unused device, use it to connect to the internet.


Three 4G Plus Hub

Caravan WiFi



+ Comes with unlimited data
+ Easy to set up
+ Provides great download speed
+ Has a generous return policy
– Comes with 2 years contract

As many caravan parks now have 4G networks, it is usually the best option to get online using a 4G router, like the Three 4G Plus Hub.

One of the advantages of this 4G router is that it comes with external antennas. You can attain the utmost download and upload rates by using these antennas, even if your 4G reception is not ideal.

With this 4G router from Three, access unlimited data, so you don’t have to think twice about streaming movies and TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime without any restrictions.

Setting up the 4G Plus Hub is a simple process. After placing the SIM card in the hub, attach the antennas, connect it to a power source, and turn it on. This will create a WiFi network that any laptop, phone, or other devices can access.

A disadvantage of the 4G Plus Hub is that it can only be acquired via a two-year pay monthly agreement. In addition, Three offers the 5G Hub router on a month-to-month plan that offers an affordable price tag with no restrictions on data usage. If the 5G connection is unavailable at your location, the 5G Hub will utilise the 4G network for connectivity.

This 4G router comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it out and see what speeds you can acquire in your caravan before you make a long-term commitment for 2 years.


Kuma WiFi Signal Booster

Caravan WiFi



+ Comes with everything you need to create a hotspot & get online
+ Improves speeds & minimises dropouts
+ Good job boosting weak WiFi signals
– Takes effort to install when compared to using 4G

Kuma’s WiFi signal booster includes an exterior antenna that is weather-resistant and designed for a caravan. This antenna detects WiFi connections nearby and works as a booster, increasing the connection speed and reducing disconnections.

The WiFi transmission is transferred to a router with the package, allowing you to construct a wireless network that can accommodate up to 32 gadgets.

If you know that the WiFi connection in your caravan is strong, but you are at a distance from the router (the source of the signal), this is a beneficial device.

Even so, if the wireless network at your camping area is overwhelmed with excessive traffic from other people, this boosting kit will only offer a little assistance.

Configuring this WiFi booster can be more difficult than setting up a 4G router. There is a magnetic mount on the exterior, but you have to figure out how to link the power and internet to the antenna attached to the caravan’s outside.


Highland Wireless Satellite Broadband




+ Flexible service
+ Comes with unlimited usage
+ Provides good download speeds
– Expensive

You may rely on satellite broadband internet access if your caravan site has no cellular connection. Satellite broadband is only available for static caravans. The firms that deliver satellite internet only give access to the web from one spot.

Highland Wireless provides an unlimited amount of downloads, which is different from the majority of other satellite broadband providers.

Furthermore, they have very fast download speeds of up to 50 Mbps, more than sufficient for most households. If you wish to use their service, they offer various payment options – you can pay by the day or buy the service as you go.

The only disadvantage to this service is that it is more costly than using 4G, particularly when you factor in the installation expense. You should pay more for the fast plans that offer 50 Mbps speeds – the default plan only offers 25 Mbps.

Highland Wireless implies that its services are limited to customers in Scotland. Other providers of satellite broadband, like Save9, specialise in specific regions, such as the Yorkshire coast.

Get Internet Access Easily In A Caravan

There are various methods if you are looking for an internet connection for your caravan or motorhome. I have outlined a few of these methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. 4G Routers

Caravan WiFi

If you are searching for a more reliable approach to gain internet access from a caravan, I suggest utilising a 4G or 5G router.

These gadgets operate similarly to your home WiFi router, yet they require a SIM card to access the web using the cellular network, just like your cell phone.

To access the internet at your caravan, you need a decent 4G signal. All you have to do is to insert the SIM card into the router and plug it in. Then, turn it on, and join the WiFi. Once that is done, you will be connected to the internet.

If you can get a sufficient 4G connection at your caravan, you can look up the coverage map of the mobile network you plan to use. For instance, Three’s network coverage map.

If you desire a 4G router, I suggest the Three 4G Plus Hub. It can be obtained for a reasonable monthly cost, has unlimited data consumption, and has external antennas to boost your 4G connection.

2. Mobile Tethering Or Hotspots


You can also utilise your cell phone’s online network for other gadgets.

There are two methods to do this: 

  • When you turn on the mobile hotspot function on your phone, it will generate a mini WiFi network that you can join with other devices. Your phone will show the login information for the WiFi connection.
  • You can connect your phone to another device, such as a laptop, with a USB-C to USB cable and then enable tethering on your phone.

Connecting via tethering will offer a more stable connection. Still, a WiFi hotspot can be used with multiple devices simultaneously, and there’s no need to have the correct cable to get online.

A potential issue of this activity is that you may exhaust your monthly data allotment rapidly. It might be wise to upgrade your data package or purchase a distinct data SIM to guarantee you don’t run out of data.

3. Satellite Broadband


You can choose satellite broadband if you cannot access 3G or 4G service at your caravan site.

Set up a satellite dish on the top of your caravan to access satellite broadband. This dish will contact the closest satellite in the atmosphere, thus providing you with an internet connection without wires requirement.

Satellite broadband is limited in its availability because most providers, for example, Konnect, Freedomsat, and Starlink, can only set up their hardware at a fixed location, as the precise location of the satellite dish is paramount.

Nonetheless, some suppliers are willing to offer services to individuals who live in static caravans, such as Highland Wireless.

As a final option, I suggest this method of accessing the internet from a caravan since: 

  • It usually has a stringent around 50 GB monthly data utilisation cap.
  • The cost of using a 5G router is usually 2 times more than that of a 4G router.
  • If you frequently engage in activities such as video calls or online gaming, your latency may be low since it will be relatively high.

4. Caravan Site WiFi


If you’re staying in a caravan park, you can access the internet through their WiFi hotspot. This likely is how you are currently getting online.

There are some drawbacks to taking this approach.

  • Some caravan sites do not offer WiFi.
  • Certain caravan WiFi spots need to come with the correct security measures, which could result in confidential information being exposed when sent on the network.
  • The speed of your downloads might fluctuate significantly, depending on your proximity to the WiFi router at the campsite and the number of other users connected to the network. You may observe that your internet connection speed reduces in the evenings because everyone else in the caravan park connects to the internet simultaneously.
  • Certain camping grounds require a significant payment for WiFi use, except if you sign up for an annual or longer internet connection plan.

The good thing about having WiFi at your caravan is that it doesn’t have to be expensive – it may be part of your caravan park subscription. Nevertheless, it must be more dependable and secure for long-term use.

5. MiFi Devices


MiFi gadgets operate comparably to 4G routers, although they are more compact and come with a battery instead of continuously plugged in.

When you purchase a MiFi device like the Three 4G+ MiFi, you benefit from more flexible pay-as-you-go data plans. These plans include data caps which can be advantageous if you are not using the internet regularly, as it offers the potential to save money.

MiFi devices don’t have a WiFi hotspot as powerful as 4G routers; hence, they can’t provide internet access to as many devices simultaneously, and the WiFi signal also has a limited range. Furthermore, they require recharging regularly, usually after 6 hours of usage.

6. WiFi Signal Boosters


If you desire to keep using WiFi in your caravan, you can acquire signal boosters that attach to the caravan’s exterior, augmenting your signal strength.

These antennas can help reduce the frequent disruption of WiFi services in caravan parks by blocking out any interference and increasing your access to a stronger connection.

Although they can be challenging to set up, they cannot rectify the issue if the WiFi at your caravan park is overloaded at certain times.

Even though WiFi antennas will boost the strength of your signal, they can’t do anything to alleviate the pressure on the internet connection when other people are using a lot of data.

Cost Of Getting WiFi In My Caravan

The expense of establishing a WiFi connection in your caravan is contingent upon the approach you utilise for it.

If you choose to purchase a 4G or 5G router, MiFi device, or data SIM, you will likely have to pay a fee of approximately £20-£25 each month for a plan that offers a fair amount of data.

The amount you will spend will depend on whether you prefer to pay for each session or are willing to sign up for an extended period, which will reduce your monthly expenses.

The cost of satellite broadband is typically around £40 to £50 each month, based on the data you require and the download speeds you are looking for.

Satellite broadband is significantly more costly than mobile broadband, so I advise against it unless no 4G connection is available.

If you purchase a WiFi signal booster, you will have to shell out at least £200, and you may also have to pay for its installation. But you can set up the antenna yourself if you have DIY skills.

Getting Online While Travelling With Caravan WiFi


Before purchasing a caravan WiFi device, you must verify that you can acquire internet access at the locations you usually visit while travelling in your caravan.

  • If you have a 4G connection, you can access a network coverage map similar to Three. All you need to do is input the postcode of your camping site, and then you can identify the indoor and outdoor 4G coverage in that area.
  • Regarding satellite broadband, you can place your static caravan in an up-high spot with an unimpeded sky outlook. For instance, Konnect requires that the south view is clear of obstructions, like trees or hills. This specific tool can help you ascertain how high up your caravan park is concerning sea level. If you are unsure, contact a satellite broadband service provider, who can provide you with more information regarding how effective their solution would be in your area.

If I use 4G or 5G, does it matter which mobile network I use?

I have often suggested Three’s 4G and 5G broadband services as their routers and data plans are much more affordable than those of Vodafone, EE, and O2. Their data packages offer much more data for virtually the same or even lower rates.

Generally speaking, the four main UK wireless networks provide similar coverage in most areas, especially concerning 4G, the technology typically accessed from a caravan for internet access.

It is important to note that EE has the largest coverage of any mobile network in the UK – it is present at more locations than any other. This means that if EE has service at a caravan site, it is likely that Three or any other mobile network will also have coverage.

Requirement Of Monthly Data


Except for buying a 4G or 5G router from Three, most options for getting WiFi in your caravan have monthly data caps. Hence, it is essential to determine the amount of monthly data you need to avoid overpaying and avoid reaching your data limit before the month is over.

As a rule of thumb: 

  • If you and one other person are using the Internet regularly, accessing social media sites, and occasionally watching YouTube videos, you will need 50-75 GB of access to data every month.
  • If you are only a couple of people using the internet for basic activities like web browsing, emailing, and the like, approximately 15-20GB of data every month should be sufficient.
  • If you have children in your family and frequently stream movies on a platform like Netflix, getting an unlimited data plan might be a good idea. However, managing with a 100-150 GB plan is possible.

Do Caravan WiFi Work Overseas?

If you frequently travel to Europe with your RV, you may be curious if you can still access the internet. Satellite broadband connectivity is not available outside of the UK. It is to be used exclusively inside the country.

4G routers and MiFi devices are designed for utilisation only in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, you can activate roaming on Three’s mobile broadband services and utilise part of your data plan in certain nations.

The quantity of data you may access and if any extra fees apply is contingent upon your destination country and if you are a pay-as-you-go or monthly customer.

When using these gadgets, you can acquire a local SIM card in the country you visit- France or Italy.

The routers and MiFi devices from Three are not restricted, which means you can use them with other SIM cards as long as the foreign mobile network permits the utilisation of their data plans in this manner.

Get The Best Speeds With Caravan WiFi


After you’ve acquired a WiFi system for your caravan, you might be curious about how to guarantee the fastest download and upload speeds.

When using the fourth or fifth generations of cellular networks, it is ideal to have your router, mobile hotspot, or mobile phone set up somewhere elevated and to relocate it to different areas of the caravan for the best signal.

The effectiveness of 4G internet depends on the router’s placement – to increase download speeds, it should be as close to the 4G signal tower as possible.

After determining a suitable spot for the router, you should turn it in different directions. If you have satellite internet, be sure to follow the directions of the firm that put up your satellite antenna.

If any objects, such as debris, land on the roof of your static caravan and become stuck to the satellite dish, it is essential to remove them quickly to ensure the signal is not blocked.

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Summary: Caravan WiFi

Caravan WiFi is an incredible way to stay connected while on the road. You can use it to work, stream, or relax on vacation. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to stay connected while on the road.

Use 4G mobile broadband to access the internet from your caravan. Many camping spots provide access to 4G networks, which grants much better download speeds than WiFi networks provided at campsites. Compared to satellite broadband, 4G solutions such as routers and MiFi devices are much more affordable.

If you want to use this technology for your next trip, you should know some essential facts. First, ensure that the site you’re staying at offers this type of internet service. You can install your 4G router or buy a MiFi device in your caravan if it doesn’t.

I hope this article on the best caravan wifi sounds helpful!

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