Three 4G Hub Review: Should You Buy It?

The 4G Hub is a reliable and affordable device that has revolutionised how people stay connected. This small, portable hub is perfect for those who need to stay connected on the go. It allows users to access their favourite websites, apps, and other services without a computer or laptop. You’ll learn about the Three 4g hub review in this article.

With its fast 4G LTE connection and multiple device compatibility, the 4G Hub is the ideal choice for people who need an easy and reliable way to stay connected. This article will explore everything about the Three 4g hub review.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) On Three 4G Hub Review

1. Is three 4G hub any good?

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient, convenient, and user-friendly option to access the web, the Three 4G Hub should be your go-to choice. It’s excellent value for the money, comes with unlimited data and rapid download speeds, and is ready to be used within 15 minutes of receiving it in the mail.

2. How fast is three 4G hub?

The Three 4G Hub boasts a great speed, with its 600Mbps peak download rate, though the usual rate is approximately 50-100Mbps.

3. Is three 4G Hub good for gaming?

This router can connect up to 64 devices simultaneously. It also has 600 Mbps download speed and 150 Mbps upload speeds, making it perfect for gaming and better than many competitors.

What You’ll Need

Connect the hub to an electrical outlet utilising the power adaptor and activate it at the wall. Let the hub power on for a few minutes, and afterward, identify the spot in your home where you experience the fastest speed.

Three 4G Hub Review: Overview

Three 4g hub review

Here is the overview of three 4g hub review: 

  • Brand: Three
  • Name: 4G Hub
  • Manufacturer Name: MF286D
  • Manufacturer brand: ZTE
  • Speed rating: Cat 12/13
  • Ethernet ports: 4
  • Maximum connected devices: 64
  • External antenna sockets: 2
  • Dimensions: 180 x 170 x 30mm
  • Colour: White
  • WiFi: Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Three 4G Hub is a router distributed by Three in the United Kingdom that comes along with a data plan. This router is a rebranded ZTE MF286D Wi-Fi router.

Like the mobile phone, this router can access the internet through the Three 4G network. Rather than relying on a regular fibre broadband connection, it utilises a SIM card to get online.

Three 4g hub review

If you want to take benefit of the 4G Hub, it is necessary to have a strong 4G connection in your area of residence. The Three websites can be used to check if the 4G Hub is available at your address.

Three offers the device with a 24-month agreement that requires no upfront payment, and the monthly cost is cheaper than what is usually paid for a home broadband connection with the same download rate.

When you sign this agreement, you will receive an unrestricted data quota, similar to a fibre optic broadband connection. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee to utilise the 4G Hub and evaluate the actual speeds. If you’re unsatisfied with speed, you can return the 4G Hub within the given timeframe.

Setting up the device is simple. You need to insert the SIM card, plug it into the router, and turn it on—no need to wait for an engineer, like when using a regular broadband service.

When you are linked to the internet, your router will generate a Wi-Fi network that is identical to your current router and can simultaneously accommodate up to 64 gadgets.

Three 4G Hub Review: Unboxing And Setup

Three 4g hub review

Purchasing the Three 4G Hub online will appear in your mailbox in 1-2 days. Once you receive the mail, the first thing you see is the router itself.

There are indicator lights on the front panel, a SIM card slot on the side, & the login information for the hotspot is printed on a label at the bottom.

The router’s rear includes a power switch, electrical outlet, USB port, telephone slots, and Ethernet connections. Despite its height, the router has a small footprint which measures 180 x 170 x 30mm, occupying a little space.

In the box package, you will discover: 

  • Three information booklet on how to set up 4G Hub
  • ZTE (manufacturer of the router) information booklet
  • Ethernet cable
  • Three SIM card
  • Power cable.

Now comes the complete setup process of the Three 4g hub. Here comes the process for configuring your 4G Hub and connecting to the internet: 


Insert Your SIM Card

Take out the SIM card holder and detach the SIM card from its plastic support.

When selecting a SIM card, always opt for the original-sized one. Ensure not to cut out the card’s smaller micro or nano SIMs.

Locate the SIM card holder on the right-hand side of the 4G Hub. After that, insert the SIM card into the slot with the written side of the card facing the back of the router.

Once the SIM card has been pushed in as far as it can go, you will hear and feel it snap into place.


Plug The Circular End Into The Three 4G Hub

Take the power cord that came with the package and attach the round end to the 4G Hub. After connecting the other end of the cord to an electrical outlet, press the power button on the rear of the 4G Hub.

After a few minutes, the router will finish its configuration process. You will notice that the status lights will begin to turn on, and when they all eventually turn blue, it will indicate that the router is ready to be used.

If you want an optimal 4G signal, locate your router somewhere elevated, preferably close to a window, so that it can have a clear line of sight to the nearest 4G tower. Placing the router on a windowsill upstairs usually works well.


Antenna Ports Needs To Be Plugged In External Antennas (This Step Is Optional)

The Three 4G Hub has 2 antenna ports to plug in external antennas. Even though it is an option, it is not mandatory in most scenarios. You can still get a good data connection and downloading speed without using the 4G Hub’s built-in antennas.


Connect To The Internet

Now, you can have internet access by plugging a device into the router with the supplied Ethernet cable, or you can connect to the Wi-Fi network established by the router.

If you want to access the Wi-Fi hotspot, you can enter the username & password on the label at the router’s bottom.

Three 4G Hub Review: Speed Test

Three 4g hub review

After setting up your 4G Hub router, you must try it in three locations around the house to determine which location has the best 4G signal.

Once you find the best location, you must do several speed tests to assess the device’s performance over Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

My Wi-Fi Speed Test

This is the speed test result I got using the 4g hub over a Wi-Fi: 

  • Download speed: 23 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 17 Mbps
  • Ping: 7ms

My Ethernet Speed Test

This is the speed test result I got utilising the 4g hub plugged into a computer over the Ethernet cable: 

  • Download speed: 199 Mbps
  • Upload speed: 30 Mbps
  • Ping: 14ms

Speeds With The 4G Hub

In my opinion, the 4g hub speed is good. My testing result showed that the speed stayed above 12-15 Mbps over Wi-Fi. In addition, I achieved a 30-50 Mbps download speed over an Ethernet connection.

I got fast download speed constantly (even in the evenings) using the wired connection. This is also possible because of my area’s good 4g signal and the nearby 4g tower.

You need to have a look at the Three network coverage maps. If the map indicates that your residence has an excellent 4G signal inside and outside, then count on an average download speed of at least 30 Mbps using this 4G router.

Once you receive the 4G Hub, the router’s location will influence your download and upload speeds. 

I suggest you test a few positions on your house’s different sides. You can rotate the router to point in different directions when you get a good spot.

Also, you can try rotating the router to a point in different directions once you’ve found a good spot for it. The orientation of the 4G Hub influences the download speeds you get with the device.

Three 4G Hub Review: Gaming Test

Three 4g hub review

When connecting to 4G or 5G networks at home, one of the main problems is that the latency is usually much lower than the fixed-line broadband. As a result, lags may be more frequent while playing online games.

I played games like Rocket League & Battlefield 2042 with the 4G Hub connected to my computer with an Ethernet cable. In the testing result, I was impressed with the performance of the Three 4G hub.

While playing most games, my latency was typically around 20-30 milliseconds when connected to nearby servers. I didn’t experience any considerable lag or stuttering. 

Your latency will be higher using a 4G broadband router than a regular home broadband connection. I suggest always using an Ethernet cable to connect the computer or games console to the router.

Three 4G Hub Review: Value For Money

Generally, Three provides the 4G Hub at a very reasonable monthly rate, with no initial payment. It’s always worth looking at the Three website to observe current deals.

If you’re looking for a fast internet connection, the 4G Hub is attractive since it provides the same download and upload speeds as a superfast fibre broadband plan. But the 4G hub comes with unlimited data, like most home broadband plans.

If you’re not confident that your area’s 4G signal strength is strong enough for mobile broadband, Three provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with the 4G Hub.

If unsatisfied with the device’s speed, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. You only need to call Three; they will provide a postage label.

The only issue I have with the 4G Hub regarding cost-effectiveness is that Three’s 5G Hub provides fast download speeds and is often accessible at a comparable rate – or sometimes even at the exact cost.

Put your postcode into the Three websites and check if you can get the 5G Hub instead of the 4G Hub. This is a great value alternative and is accessible on both a 1-month and 24-month contract.

Three 4G Hub Review: My Verdict

Three 4g hub review

The Three 4G Hub offers a budget-friendly, efficient, and straightforward solution if you’re looking for internet access. It is excellent value for money, comes with unrestricted data, provides fast download speeds, and allows you to get online within 15 minutes of getting it in the mail.

Even though it is impossible to determine the connectivity rate the 4G Hub provides, Three has a favourable return policy that allows you to try the device before signing up for a 2-year agreement.

Although no one can predict exactly what speeds you’ll get with the 4G Hub, Three has a good return policy that tests the device before committing to a 24-month contract.

Additionally, you have the option to take your 4G Hub outdoors. This 4G router allows you to access the internet across the UK, even when you’re away on a trip – a fantastic perk.

Overall, I rate the 4G Hub 4.5 out of 5. Even though the speeds aren’t as quick as the 5G Hub, it’s an excellent option for connecting with decent download speeds at home.

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Three 4G Hub Review: Alternatives

If you need more clarification about selecting the Three 4G Hub, several other options are available to access the internet through 4G or 5G mobile broadband. Here are the alternatives of the Three 4g hub review: 

1. Three 4G Plus Hub

You can purchase the Three 4G Plus Hub, a Sercomm LTE2122GR mobile Wi-Fi router.

The dissimilarity between the 4G Hub and 4G Plus are: 

  • 4G hub comes with more ethernet ports.
  • The 4G Plus hub has external antennas that provide a better 4G signal.
  • If you have good 4G network coverage in your area, the 4G Plus hub is a good choice, as it has a higher theoretical maximum download speed.

Both routers have almost the same cost, so if you don’t mind the additional antenna size, consider selecting the 4G Plus Hub instead of the 4G Hub.

Check on Three 4G

2. Three 5G Hub

Three sells a 5G router, a Zyxel NR5103E, called the 5G Hub. You can use this device to get download speeds of more than 700 Mbps. The monthly cost of the 5G hub is similar to the 4G hub, but the speed of the 5G hub is excellent.

I’d highly recommend trying the Three 5G Hub if you can get it in your locality. In addition, you get the same 30-day money-back guarantee with the 5G Hub. The device is also easy to set up.

To read the full review of Three 5G hub, click here

Check on Three 5G

3. Three Huawei 4G Plus MiFi device

If you need more convenient internet access, consider choosing the Huawei 4G Plus MiFi device.

This particular Wi-Fi device, called “MiFi,” is powered by a battery rather than connected to a wall outlet. 

Huawei 4G Plus makes it possible to charge it, bring it with you, and access the internet even when it is not connected to a power source.

This MiFi device does not always provide unlimited data. You can choose from various plans, including those of the pay-as-you-go type.

The primary disadvantage of this device is that it is usually more costly than a 4G Hub, and it cannot simultaneously connect many devices to the internet.

Check on Three Huawei

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Summary: Three 4G Hub Review

The 4G Hub is an excellent way to connect to the internet without needing a computer or laptop. It provides a fast, reliable connection and several valuable features, such as a laptop mode and mobile hotspot.

The main benefit of the 4G Hub is that it allows you to access the internet without a laptop. This means you can get online without buying a computer or laptop, which can cost a lot of money.

Make sure to start by entering your postcode on the Three website to determine if you can get the 4G Hub at your location. It will be based on the strength of the 4G signal in your area.

The website will let you know if obtaining the 5G Hub is possible, which is highly recommended due to its faster download speeds at a comparable cost.

I hope this article on the Three 4G hub review sounds helpful! Feel free to comment down your opinions in the comments section.

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